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A Guide to Amazon Retargeting Product URLs and How You Can Unlock their Potential (Guide, Steps & More!)

Amazon Product Targeting URL

This is part one of a two-part series from our friends at Seller Tradecraft

Amazon has quickly become the largest online marketplace in the world and so, sellers are flocking to the platform to advertise their products and reach customers worldwide. As you can probably imagine, Amazon has a plethora of tools and approaches that you can utilize in order to effectively market your product or brand to the public.

One of these tools is known as an Amazon Retargeting Product URL. It’s an incredibly powerful technique that can not only help drive sales but it also comes in handy in keeping track of all of your sales and clicks that are coming from outside of Amazon.

What is an Amazon Retargeted Ad?

Amazon Retargeting Product URLs are basically links that can be utilized in ads that are known as Amazon Retargeted Ads. Retargeted ads are ads that are only shown to people that have interacted with you in the past. These people are part of what is known as a warm audience. They have prior knowledge of your brand and are familiar with your products to some extent. They may have even made a purchase from you in the past.

As you can probably imagine, retargeting increases conversion rates and impressions by a lot. Social media platforms such as Facebook have over 2 billion users so it would be foolish not to target these audiences as there’s a high chance that your potential customers would be present there.  Not to mention, retargeted ads are incredibly cost-effective and help keep your overall ACoS low.

Two Prominent Retargeting Networks

There are a number of retargeting networks that you can make use of for your Amazon Retargeting Product URLs but the two most prominent and reliable ones are Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Facebook Retargeting for Amazon Sellers

Facebook retargeting is a powerful tool that allows you to place ads for your Amazon business in your potential customers’ Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The important thing to understand when setting up retargeting ads on Facebook is to understand Facebook Custom Audiences and how they work. Making a Facebook Custom Audience enables you to show your ads to people that have bought products from you in the past or people that have visited your landing page in the past.

Creating ads with a custom audience is quite similar to creating a regular Facebook ad campaign except that instead of targeting people based on their interests, you are creating a customized audience that includes people that have had some kind of interaction with your brand in the past.

Google AdWords Remarketing for Amazon Sellers

Google AdWords Remarketing allows you to show Google ads to people that have interacted with your brand in the past. You can strategically place your ads in front of your audiences when they’re browsing Google or any of its partner websites. Not only will this help increase brand awareness but it will also bring people back to your brand and remind them to make a purchase.

There are a number of options that Google AdWords provides you with. Some of these options are:

  • Standard Remarketing: Show ads for your Amazon business to potential customers that have visited your page in the past.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: These ads enable products to be remarketed by showing ads to customers that advertise products or services that people viewed on your website or app.
  • Customer list Remarketing: This allows you to upload lists of contact information that your customers may have given you so that Google can utilize this information to show them ads across different Google products.

Two Approaches for Amazon Retargeting on Facebook

For the sake of simplicity, we will be focusing on Amazon retargeting on Facebook in this post. The sophisticated advertising tools that Facebook has to offer make it a great platform for utilizing Amazon Retargeting Product URLs. There are mainly two approaches while using Amazon retargeting on Facebook, the first one is to retarget customers that have already made a purchase from you and the second one is to retarget customers that have visited your landing page in the past. In the following sections, we will look in detail how you can set up your Amazon retargeting ads with respect to these two approaches.

Retargeting Existing Amazon Customers on Facebook

People who have bought a product from you in the past are highly likely to buy something from you in the future as well if they are satisfied with the quality of the product you first sold to them. As they have already demonstrated a willingness to spend money on your brand, it would be wise to spend your money and resources trying to retarget them towards your brand. As these people are already familiar with your brand, selling items to them will be relatively easy.

You can identify your existing Amazon customers on Facebook by uploading your customer database to Facebook. Using this uploaded customer database, you can create a Custom Audience. The Amazon customer list that you upload to Facebook contains all kinds of data about your customers such as their name, zip, city, state, etc. Facebook uses this information to find the accounts of these customers on Facebook and thus, all of these accounts are then included in your Custom Audience. As you can probably tell, this process isn’t perfect as customers sometimes put in incomplete or incorrect information. You can’t expect a match rate of 100% but you can get pretty darn close and no doubt, this is a very powerful tool for identifying your existing Amazon customers on Facebook.

Once you’ve created a Custom Audience, you can then use this audience to run your retargeted ads. Amazon is unclear on whether using customer information in this fashion is within their terms and conditions or not but if you’re worried about violating any of Amazon’s rules, then we recommend that you create a lookalike audience rather than a custom audience from your Amazon customer list. A lookalike audience will consist not of your existing Amazon customers but of people who have very similar characteristics to the people in your uploaded Amazon customer list.

Retargeting Landing Page Visitors on Facebook

The second option that you can utilize for Amazon retargeting on Facebook is by targeting people that have visited your landing page in the past. This approach is incredibly cost-effective and also completely in tune with Amazon’s policies.

Why should you use a landing page? It’s imperative that if you’re driving traffic from outside of Amazon onto your brand’s page then you should have a landing page set up for this external traffic rather than them arriving straight to your product listing after clicking on your ad. You want to ease the customer into your brand. You don’t want to immediately bombard them with your product as soon as they click on your ad as this will most likely not result in a conversion.

Once you have your landing page set up, you need to create a Facebook Pixel. A Facebook Pixel enables you to create customized audiences based on the way they behave on the website that the Facebook Pixel is installed into. The exact implementation of the Facebook Pixel will vary slightly depending on the landing page tool you use but in most cases, it involves editing, copying and pasting a small piece of Javascript code.

Once the Facebook Pixel is set up on your landing page, you need to wait until an adequate amount of people have visited your landing page. Facebook will gather all the information regarding the people that are visiting your landing page. Once enough people have visited your landing page, you can use the information you’ve gathered to build a Custom Audience on Facebook. You can then use this Custom Audience to run your retargeted ads.


Amazon Retargeting Product URLs may be intimidating when you’re first starting out but they also hold a lot of potential which you should definitely aim to utilize over the course of your journey as an Amazon seller. With the right approach and research, you can definitely be able to use them well in order to increase your conversion rates and brand reach.

Not only do they play a huge role in driving sales but Amazon Retargeting Product URLs are incredibly versatile too. They can be used in all sorts of third-party websites outside of Amazon such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Thus, this really opens up your options in terms of where you can advertise your product on the internet.

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