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Why should I outsource my accounting?

Why should I outsource my e-commerce accounting?

High quality accounting benefits your business in a variety of ways, from saving time and money to offering data analysis and scalable options. One of the easiest ways to establish high quality books for your business is to professionally outsource your accounting.

As an e-commerce business owner, you’re probably aware of your business’s need for accounting at a higher level than basic bookkeeping. Finances quickly become confusing, and you must ensure sustainable growth while maintaining your compliance with state and federal regulations. Professional accounting services offer the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to keep you ahead of the competition.

Better Utilize Your Time

One of the most popular reasons for outsourcing your accounting is to free up valuable time.
As your business grows, dedicating time to back-end office operations can become a considerable hindrance to other aspects of your business, like daily operations, as well as customer outreach and retention. With a set number of hours in your day, it’s important to find ways to delegate time-consuming tasks and spend those precious hours on other core aspects of your business.

Taking advantage of outsourced bookkeeping services offers you the benefits of experts extensively trained in the e-commerce industry without sacrificing your team’s time and attention. Additionally, outsourced accounting services typically work with the most current software which frees up more time for complex management accounting and helps expand your business sustainably.

Grow Your Bottom Line

Outsourcing accounting can save you money in two different ways: curtailing payroll costs and reducing operational costs. Rather than spending money on a full-time employee salary and benefits, simply pay for the actual accounting work needed. You avoid overhead costs associated with in-house accounting teams – like health insurance, paid time off, retirement, sick leave training, vacation, and Workers Comp – while ensuring the people responsible for your business’s finances are competent and qualified.

Furthermore, you can grow your business’ bottom-line by reducing operational costs. Things like office space and equipment add to your business’s operational costs, but outsourcing your accounting will reduce that overhead. Beyond space and equipment, outsourced accounting also helps your business avoid the additional costs and risks associated with inaccurate finances and non-compliance.

Fraud Prevention and Issue Resolution

Another significant benefit to outsourcing your accounting is fraud prevention and issue resolution. Some of the most common victims of fraud are small, privately owned businesses with in-house bookkeeping teams. When just a few employees handle a business’ books, it is unlikely that there are strict internal controls in place. This means a considerable overlap in responsibilities exists, creating greater opportunity for error and fraud. Accounting teams use multiple layers of oversight and a strict separation of responsibilities to protect your business and its finances.

Along with fraud prevention, professional accounting services offer higher level issue resolution. Outsourced accounting means trained eyes looking after your books at all times. Due to both increased supervision and access to more advanced accounting softwares, outsourced teams can spot red flags, track cash flow, and monitor expenditures quicker and with more ease, identifying issues before they cause major problems. On top of that, were there to be a considerable issue with your finances, professional services offer better informed insights and suggestions to address any issue. The Seller Accountant team has seen many different financial situations and knows how to handle them all.

Trust the Professionals

Many small businesses try to fill their bookkeeping positions with existing teammates who don’t have the expert knowledge of a trained accounting professional. But with that lack of expertise comes a lack of understanding what investor-grade e-commerce books really look like. Avoid future stress and errors by utilizing professional accounting services who have the resources to stay current with all state and federal regulations and understand what investors are looking for from a business’s accounting.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Outsourcing your accounting provides your business with a team of skilled professionals who are able to hold each other accountable and double check their findings. Besides increased accountability, professional accounting teams also have the knowledge, manpower, and resources to effectively manage specific challenges regarding an e-commerce business model. Unlike traditional storefronts, e-commerce businesses experience an extremely high number of transactions per month.

Furthermore, e-commerce businesses see large volumes of refunds and returns. These factors create more potential for issues within your bookkeeping system. Accounting experts specializing in e-commerce know how to organize and separate data without overwhelming the system. Collaborating with a professional accounting service allows your business to take advantage of their efficiency and organized processes.

Gaining Insight

When your business is expanding and growing, basic bookkeeping cannot meet its financial needs – your business needs management accounting. Basic financial reporting is good for ensuring compliance and keeping your books up to date. However, to make better informed business decisions, you need management reporting with real-time data and key performance indicators. The e-commerce business model is also more complex than traditional businesses, and even expert accountants may not have specialized experience in that particular field.

Expanding your business is more efficient with top-notch financial insights from accounting professionals who specialize in e-commerce. From management reports to financial insights, accounting professionals have the tools and experience to provide you with options for reducing spending, increasing profits, and further growing your business. Besides flexibility, these options also give your business a clear road map forward.


When evaluating your relationship with an accountant or accounting team, it may be helpful to ask yourself some of the following questions: Does my accountant understand the unique circumstances and challenges of running an e-commerce business? Does my accountant have expertise in areas that are important to me? Does my accountant respect the amount and type of communication I prefer?

Ready to take the leap and outsource your accounting? Seller Accountant wants to work with you to improve your profits as well as your quality of life. Connect with us today to discover how we can help grow your e-commerce business.

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