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Why Focus ONLY on E-Commerce Sellers?


At Seller Accountant, we don’t provide accounting services for construction companies, restaurants, doctor’s offices or schools. We ONLY provide our expert-level services to e-commerce sellers and almost 100% of our clients sell on Amazon.com. We literally turn down all other opportunities and it’s not because we don’t love those people and their businesses.

So why do we do this? I’ll give you 5 simple reasons why partnering with an expert who fully understands your industry is the way to go.

5 Reasons Why Being Specialized Creates a Better Experience For E-Commerce Sellers

1. Focus Creates REAL Expertise

It is impossible to stay completely current in more than one industry especially because the e-commerce industry is evolving so rapidly. We attend e-commerce conferences and network with e-commerce thought leaders and we read new Amazon announcements normally the day they come out.

Seller Accountant provides forensic financial analysis for companies who are looking to purchase other seller businesses so we really understand what drives value in this industry. Not to mention our offices are literally in the same tech incubator where leading software developer Seller Labs is located.

In other words we know e-commerce accounting because we live and breathe e-commerce accounting. When you speak to one of our experts they aren’t “changing gears” from some other industry. They live knee-deep in the world that you are building your business in. Building true expertise in our niche allows Seller Accountant to be a better strategic partner for your growing business.

2. E-commerce Has Unique Challenges

Seller Accountant specializes in e-commerce but not just to stay current. Having a focused customer base allows Seller Accountant to find the best accounting solutions for the complicated e-commerce world. We’re good at optimizing e-commerce accounting systems because we do it a lot and we are good at navigating sticky financial challenges that other industries don’t face (i.e. sales tax nexus & inventory management). Click here for more information on what makes e-commerce accounting unique.

3. Proactive Management

If you only keep your books for the purposes of filing taxes then you are missing the most important reason to have clean, clear financials. You can’t proactively manage what you can’t see. Having good records for taxes is for sure important but leveraging those numbers to make better business decisions is the only way to drive your business toward a better future.

We focus all of our energy on understanding the e-commerce landscape so that we can provide insights that help our customers make better decisions for the future. It isn’t just about keeping score its about using financial feedback to drive maximum results!

4. Efficiency and Accuracy

We optimize accounting and analysis processes for e-commerce sellers making Seller Accountant more accurate & efficient. Being efficient means we can deliver more value at a lower cost.

5. We love this industry!

At Seller Accountant we consistently help our clients understand and implement great strategies because we genuinely love online retail. Not everyone does. There are many accountants who look at the quirks of e-comm and dread dealing with the industry. This couldn’t be further from the truth for our team! Some of us are sellers and we geek out over learning new ways to drive superior performance for businesses just like yours.

For these reasons Seller Accountant will continue to be highly focused on delivering the best accounting experience for sellers like you. I hope we have the opportunity to talk to you about the financial goals for you business. It would be our privilege to serve you! Click here to contact our team for a free assessment call.

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