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Video] Tyler’s Tips: Make Your Products Meaningful for your Customers

making products meaningful for customers

Covid-19 is changing everything these days, and one obvious change is that we all feel more isolated. But I want sellers to remember that as people are stuck at home and are isolated from their friends and family, the small human interactions they experience in their day-to-day come to mean more.

I first really thought about this concept after reading A Whole New Mind – Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel Pink.

Using the example of toilet brushes, he explains that back in the day if you needed to purchase one, you walked into Walmart, bought the one that met your needs and budget and left.

But now, you can search on Amazon and see hundreds of toilet brush options! Right? And so with so many options why do buyers pull the trigger?

They pull the trigger based on emotional connection and significance. And this creates an incredible opportunity for you and me to be more intentional about creating significance for our customers.

This video goes over some tips for creating meaning and significance in your relationship with your buyers, which is something we need now more than ever.

Key takeaways:

  • Focus on storytelling. Not your story but your customer’s story
  • Find a cause to support where you brand fights a bigger fight than just making you money (and cleaning her toilet)
  • Or find some small, thoughtful way to connect with your customers. Note, extra free insert, using the email touch to bless your customer without asking for anything in return.

How are you creating extra value and forging a personal touch with your customers during this time? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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