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The Only 3 Newsletters E-Commerce Sellers Need to Read

The Only 3 Newsletters You Should Be Reading

Subscribing to email newsletters always comes with the best of intentions; they seem like a good idea when you first subscribe, but how often do you actually read them before deleting? Luckily this week, we’ve got Seller Accountant CEO Tyler Jefcoat’s picks for the only three newsletters you’ll actually need to read.


Ben Thompson’s Stratechery largely focuses on strategy for entrepreneurs, especially those in the e-commerce space. Ben has a blog and podcast that cover such topics as Amazon updates, social media trends, Shopify and Paypal news, coverage of US politics and how trade deals and tariff regulations affect the e-commerce space, and more.

Frequency: weekly, daily
Cost: free weekly subscription, paid daily subscription ($12/month, $120/year)


3-2-1 is James Clear’s weekly newsletter that helps to build better productivity habits for everyone, not just business owners. Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, is a New York Times bestseller, and his newsletter comes in an easy-to-digest 3-2-1 format that includes three of Clear’s ideas, two quotes from other experts, and one question for readers to ponder until its next installment.

Frequency: weekly on Thursdays
Cost: free

Tommy Breedlove

Tommy Breedlove’s newsletter follows his bestselling book, Legendary, and deals with mastering your mindset in order to take control of your business. Tommy is a coach and public speaker whose newsletters are short and sweet while still making a big impact.

Frequency: daily on weekdays
Cost: free

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