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Specialized E-Commerce Accounting – Is it worth it?

Specialized Amazon Accounting Firm

It may seem counterintuitive to spend money hiring an accounting firm that focuses only on e-commerce businesses. BUT! If you had an illness that required specialist care, you’d want to be taken care of by a specialist…right?

Just like wouldn’t expect your family doctor to be able to perform your heart surgery, you can’t expect your standard accounting firm to have the necessary time or specialized knowledge to make your books look good.

Here’s what Tyler has to say about why you, as an Amazon seller, should invest in a specialized Amazon accounting firm.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are three main e-commerce pain points a specialized firm is uniquely qualified to deal with: timing (long cash flow cycle), margins (they are TIGHT), and data complexity (FBA fees, commissions, and Amazon ads, oh my!).
  • By working with a specialized firm, you get the care and attention your online business needs without your accountant having to divide their time between your books and other unrelated services.

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