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Ecommerce CFO coaching at Seller Accountant


Ecommerce CFO Course

Ecommerce CFO Course

It’s up to you to steer your online business to success, and that means making financial decisions that are in the best interests of your company. Do you have a budget that addresses every area of your business? Do you understand the insights your analytics data is telling you? Can you recognize higher ROI opportunities or assess different forms of financial risk?

Being an Ecommerce CFO in addition to being an online seller is a necessary skill set to take your business to the next level. With our Ecommerce CFO course, you’ll develop the crucial skills you need to put your business on the path of continued growth and profitability.

Course Description:

Once you’ve got your ecommerce bookkeeping under control, it’s time to use all of that data to benefit your business. Our CFO course for ecommerce businesses aims to help you understand how to make the most of your invested capitalguide you towards profitable decision-making, and teach you how to take control of your business’s future.

Ecommerce CFO coaching classes from Seller Accountant

Benefits of the Ecommerce CFO Course

After taking this self-paced CFO course, you’ll know how to develop and enforce a budget. You’ll be able to identify opportunities within your business that qualify for higher ROI potential as well as pinpoint areas where budget cuts are necessary. Once you implement your budget, you’ll be able to analyze sales data and make appropriate decisions towards increasing profitability. You’ll also learn how to evaluate financial risk and forecast future sales. Some of the key concepts of this course include:

  • Maximize your profitability through understanding your finances
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Scaling your business (What got you to $1m won’t get you to $10m)
Online ecommerce cfo coaching classes from Seller Accountant

Business Leadership Skills You Will Gain from this Course:

With the Ecommerce CFO course, you’ll have a sound understanding of all of the following skills:

  • Understand your Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet Creation
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Risk Evaluation
  • Financial Investment
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Valuation & Appraisal
  • Scaling & Growth

Course Topics Include:


  • Welcome to the Course
  • Overview & Course Outline


  • Introduction to Business Models
  • Business Models: Resellers
  • Business Models: Private Label Brand Owners
  • Business Models Summary


  • Intro: Why Profit is the Price of Admission
  • Basic Profit Metrics
  • Products COGS + Ads: The Core that Drives PAG
  • What Should My PAG Be?
  • Should I expand off Amazon?
  • Why You Must Grade SKUs
  • Grading SKUs Using the Free Preview Report
  • Grading SKUs Using the Transaction Detail Report
  • Using Software to Grade SKUs
  • Making Investment Decisions Based on SKU Analysis


  • Introduction to Financial Statements
  • How to Read Your P&L and Prepare Your P&L for Investors
  • Balance Sheet Basics
  • Statement of Cash Flows Basics


  • How to Forecast Your Business’s Cash Flow


  • How to Scale an Ecommerce Business
Ecommerce CFO Coaching at Seller Accounatant

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the 5 ecommerce business models and how profitable each model should be
  • Learn how to read financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Cash Flow statements)
  • Learn how to drive profitability
  • Value or appraise an ecommerce business
  • Manage and forecast cash flow
  • Master advanced Balance Sheet management
  • Learn how to scale your business
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Amazon accounting principles
  • Know where your money is going
  • Learn how to build your business around your life goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The ecommerce CFO course is conducted entirely online at your own pace. We suggest having your Quickbooks Online account open while completing the course, as well as your Seller Central account.

The Ecommerce CFO course takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. The course consists of both videos and written text, broken into seven sections.

No. Feel free to jump around to the areas that are relevant to you and your business.

We recommend that you have a solid understanding of accounting for ecommerce or have taken our Accounting for Amazon Sellers course.

You will have a deeper understanding of how your finances can impact your business’s future, as well as how to grow your business, how to forecast your cash flow, and how to interpret your data to make CFO-level decisions.